We are a Group Of  Companies focusing on both municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants. We use the same technology based on Bioaugmentation, staying close to our customers for serving better their needs.

EDIAS has been active in the field of waste recycling since 2012. Applies the Bioaugmentation technology in the waste water treatment plants municipal and industrial as well. Bioaugmentation technology, as applied by Edias, refers to all waste treatment plants, with main activity in the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Companies (DEYA).

We custom design each system, aiming to meet our customers’ expectations and we smoothly integrate our process and services in their facilities.

We have the license and implementation of Ydro Process® biotechnology, developed by Hydrotech Environmental.

For each application, we engineer the right blend of bacterial strains, their micro-nutrients and the suitable operational conditions. We produce the microbial product, using selected and specialized vendors and we deliver it, ready to be used, under our supervision. The necessary operational Know How is transferred to the customer during the initial stage of the implementation of the process. We are organized in two main business sectors, Municipal Waste Water Treatment and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants. Thus, we provide services, that gives economical and environmentally friendly solutions to the waste management problems of different businesses, both in the private sector and in wider public sector bodies.
Ensuring the high quality of the services provided,in combination with the reduction of the environmental impact and the protection of the environment, are the primary concern for EDIAS, which also implements ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system certified by Q-CERT.

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